Engagement with Ocean

ANewR is happy to connect enthusiastic ocean stakeholders for Matters Academy (photo below). Their sharings have great insights and bring the unknown ocean to non-marine activitists.

Matters Academy – an online platform to learn about ESG from professionals

Two-thirds of the earth’s surface is covered by water, while oceans, seas, and marine life are essential resources contributing to human beings. How can we keep it sustainable? Let’s get to know more about our oceans and seas with the experts.

Fireside chat with Ocean Warriors

We have Mr. Harry Chan and Ms. Hidy Yu to tell us about the garbage they have seen during their cleanup projects. Ghost net is one of the ocean trash types they care about a lot because of its dreadful effect on marine life and humans. Their personal experiences are a great inspiration to the divers and non-divers who initially do not know about the issue. Harry is obtaining an award MH in appreciation of his dedicated community service and contribution to environmental and conservation education!

Fireside chat with ocean warriors

Thailand Manta Project

It is fantastic that people embrace their beloved hobbies in the form of a community project. These transformations unveil their passion and determination to contribute. After Harry and Hidy’s episode, we are pleased to have Ms. Jamie Piyada Monmaneerat, Miss Scuba International, sharing her leadership experience in the Thailand Manta Project. She also teaches us how we, as citizens, can be scientists and contribute to helping the manta rays—one of the ocean communities endangered due to human influence. But before we start the session, what are manta rays?

Thailand Manta Project

Saving Corals, A Philippines Story

Another critical issue that experts have been telling us is that our corals are dying. Though corals are adapted to heat stress, there is still a limit. A few species of corals have been driven to extinction in evolutionary history due to excessive heat and ocean acidification. The rapid change of climate poses a real risk to corals. Mr. William Restauro Villaver, a marine biologist from the Philippines, will explore the topic of corals with us in the session. He will talk about coral, why he started coral planting, corals observation at night, and more fun facts about coral. His group activity of putting the statue on the coast of Bohol in the Philippines in the hope of saving the coral reef was featured by the BBC.

Saving Corals, A Philippines Story

Without question, the current condition of ocean matters is alarming. The remedial action is far behind the rate of human exploitation. ANewR and DEVE, an all-rounded diving online platform, have launched 10 Ocean Matters episodes to raise ocean awareness using animated videos, targeting school teachers, students, and anyone eager to discover different discussion topics. The concept behind these videos is that knowledge can bring awareness to the problems happening around us. We can learn empathy and find encouragement to learn about other impactful topics. The 10 Ocean Matters episodes will discuss the contemporary research on ocean creatures, including some fun facts, and shed some light on our ocean’s issues.

10 Ocean Matters

Stay tuned with us for more. Next, we will have a diving adventurer, shark lady, marine crime researcher to bestow with us about their expeditions.

Ocean series at Matters Academy

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