How can we manage sick tree better?

Photos above: Dante tree management system

Metropolitan, like Hong Kong, has incorporated environmental city design, proposing life in harmony with nature. While celebrating such a green city movement, ANewR’s client – one of the mass transport providers, has made a great move to manage the interplay with nature.

There are over a million trees in Hong Kong. In 2008, a one-hundred-year-old valuable tree failed and killed a teen. In 2014, a fallen tree hit a pregnant woman. In 2018, a domestic helper was killed by a decaying four-metre-long branch that weighed 30kg. When trees get sick, the signs of their unhealthiness pose threats to city dwellers. The potential risk is why we need tree management. Alerted by real-world tragedies, ANewR has worked with Client to develop a Dante tree system to avoid the catastrophe. 

ANewR’s Dante tree management system allows arborist and project staff to maintain the record of trees attentive care adjacent to the new transportation development crossing seven districts of the total distance seventeen kilometers. It is highly strategic for corporations to manage the knowledge of arboriculture. Regularly reading the tree health condition notices the arborists the tree survival rate and opens up the risk tree identification. It is particularly useful when the tree has to be relocated for preservation reasons. The arborist will have to keep track of the tree condition, whether the tree grows well or not in the relocated environment. If the tree is unable to adapt to the new living environment, the tree may defect. The arborist should follow up with a Tree risk assessment. 

Upkeeping the high survival rate minimises jeopardies and associated misfortunes. Speeding up diagnosis reduces costs and time. Client’s tree management performance is outstanding – 90% of tree survival rate, 0% fatal accident, 100% response rate to the public inquiries within twenty-four hours. The Dante tree management system’s adoption is not merely a modernised management system but also a way to conserve our trees and save human lives.

It is meriting maintaining trees in healthy conditions. Trees supply oxygen, which allows us to breathe to survive; trees grab to avoid landslides. Trees are home to wildlife and can be our food sources. Trees cannot speak nor walk. When we interact with the trees in city life, trees depend on us to care for them and provide them a safe, healthy environment to grow and live. 

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