How IoT adds value to manufactured products and after services

Photos below: Noisy spot on the car door

Entering the modernized Industry 4.0 era, we are now talking about the Internet of Things (IoT), interconnected sensors and instruments connected to the Internet. For manufacturers, IoT serves best when quality control and maintenance departments determine to settle the users’ feedback and enhance product quality. ANewR’s track record has proven the usefulness of IoT in manufacturing.  

Smart factories make use of IoT to improve the operational process. ANewR has been appointed by one of the leading motor vehicle providers, to identify the noise source from the car door and the engine using the acoustic camera, a perfect example exhibiting the high standards and an excellent brand picture. 

Noise is omnidirectional and reverberant. Noise source identification is too difficult without using an acoustic measurement instrument. Utilising an Acoustic Camera has been displayed as a practical solution with its specific beam-forming technique to undertake the noise source identification. In this case, ANewR has found out for our client by using the acoustic camera that the noise characteristic frequency ranges from 800Hz to 2000Hz at the car door; at the engine, the most critical frequency is 4000 Hz. We have conducted several experiments to testify and verify the noisy spots. Occasionally, results varied as noise would be blocked by specific car configuration and transferred to the acoustic camera’s microphone through the nearest path from the original point to another. 

Successfully catching the particular noisy spots from a complex machinery structure enables engineers to focus on the problematic areas instead of nowhere. Sensing devices eliminate manual examination, which may incite physical harm if the inspection object is a razor-sharp item, such as a chain saw or is an equipment operating in extreme conditions. IoT supports the inspection staff in a swifter and safer investigation into the core subjects. ANewR’ has committed to our client with our extensive experience in sensing systems and applications to the real case in a valuable and cost-effective way.

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, once said, “The plow — like many technologies, both ancient and modern — is about creating more of something and doing it more efficiently, so that more people can benefit.” Applying IoT in manufacturing is the right way at the right moment from now to add value to manufactured products and after services. 

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