Let tech master the task that is harsh for human

Photos below: Andante noise monitoring system

Andante, a relatively slow tune, is omnidirectional and reverberant. It is difficult to identify the sound source. When it occurs to a workplace, how could we ascertain the sound origin to settle the controversies?

ANewR has the answer – the Andante noise monitoring system comprising stations and platforms.

We are impressed that technology masters a task that is harsh for humans. In a construction site, lots of various equipment and people are operating nearby. When several sub-contractors work for one project, the job to identify the noise-control performance can never be straightforward. ANewR’s noise monitoring station can distinguish three-sixty noise directions – up or down, left or right. Incredibly, the noise compass equips with microphones assuring complete 3D sound occurrence detection. Directional data is exponentially mitigated in time to present a high accuracy indication. The project staff prepares to set the noise compass’s quality pointer to avoid false detection.

Further supported by the CCTV station, the construction activities are under close surveillance. Users can control all CCTV by a single button. CCTV with zooming power makes sure the inspectors witness all construction activities. The monitoring staff effortlessly investigates the dominant noise associated with the construction activities.

To effectively combat environmental negligence, random inspection and control are hardly adequate. Target enforcement action and strategy are placed to surveillance the risk. The risk-based approach uses a monitoring station and webcam system to surveil, and a web-based monitoring platform to release surveillance information. Andante is a sophisticated automatic noise monitoring system operating daily 24-hr continuously to supervise the construction noise monitoring works. It provides all noise monitoring, including measurement data, construction site videos and photos, and data analysis. The system also presents weekly and monthly monitoring data summaries to reflect the performance of the construction activity.

ANewR’s Andante system introduces a step-change in accepted automation methods for environmental monitoring of rail projects. Employed by the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) of Hong Kong, Andante was already successfully used when constructing the South Island Line (SIL) of MTR Corporation. In 2012, the annual Hong Kong ICT Awards awarded MTR the Certificate of Merit in the Best Green ICT Award category to adopt Andante under the monitoring scheme. With anticipated growing use on sites, we encourage its enactment in all infrastructure projects. 

Video – How can you find the noise, not with your ears, but with a scientific method?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiEHQhrxCBs

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