Engagement concepts embedded in the workplace health and safety

Do you know? Your corporate planning matters to your corporate success. Attaining Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) introduced by the United Nations is a new norm to recognise corporate’s sustainable achievements.

According to the International Labour Organisation, workplace health and safety falls into SDGs of Good Health, Decent Work, Economic Growth, and Peace and Justice. More than a slogan or a report, sustainability aspects are necessary to nurture to support the business. Employees remain as vital human capital in an organisation. Human capital is an intangible asset. International Labour Organisation has alerted us that “the health of workers is a major determinant of productivity” because of “a vicious circle of poor health” leading to “reduced working capacity, and low productivity”.

Can you imagine the potential consequences if you lose your workforce? That costs human lives, your corporate reputation, and that could mean you are breaching the regulations. Occupational health and safety is a global focus. Hong Kong, as a Global Metropolis, has the Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance in place. The workplace is identified as “places where employees work”, including factories, construction and offices and more. Workplace health and safety is everywhere for everyone.

So, do not miss the stakeholder engagement in the issue. The issue starts with the work system design, the work procedure, the working environment, and communications. Employers, occupiers, and employees work hand in hand to achieve zero accident and pleasant working conditions.

Planning is a long-term thing; employees’ commitments to OHS is a must-have to achieve the daily safe operation. Establish channels to communicate with your workforce by utilising reliable online and offline communication technologies, activities, and events to raise awareness. Enforce safety procedures. Distribute the lesson learnt. Educate your employees to be competent.

The new way to educating employees is now on the way to 4-dimensional and virtual reality. Virtual reality immerses your employees into the replicated environment that you want to engage them to alert, such as accidental scene; 4-dimensional furnishes your employees the sensation of creating an authentic atmosphere. The changing game has already been applied to work-related training – Environmental Protection Department’s acoustic window 4D VR training is a prime example in Hong Kong. Think about it for health and safety.

Photo above: news reporting about the use of 4D VR in staff training (https://hk.on.cc/hk/bkn/cnt/news/20190419/bkn-20190419021948831-0419_00822_001.html)

What does the future of work mean to you? Materialise in occupational health and safety and produce the working environment that matters.

By: ANewR Consulting Limited, a digital environmental consultant headquartered in Hong Kong since 2008. Our expertise has grown into the context of air and water qualities, noise, green building, waste management, and remediation. With extensive know-how in environmental planning and assessment, feasibility study and policy review, ecological design, monitoring, and audit (EM&A), ANewR has matured to be a leading management consultancy. Standing in the digital transformation reign, ANewR has participated in various environmental digital projects – interactive 3D visualisation, immersive automation virtual environment, Virtual reality, automation system, and monitoring platforms.
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