ANewR Providing IT Solutions to EPD on QPME Label Application

A new alternative is to be provided to the industry for application of QPME labels so as to save time and improve efficiency, as revealed in today’s Seminar on Online Services of Permit and Label when an Online Application Portal for QPME Labels & Label Renewal is introduced.

The Quality Powered Mechanical Equipment (QPME) system was introduced in 2005 by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) to label construction equipment based on environmentally-friendly criteria. Companies in the construction industry can apply for QPME Labels to comply with the environmental standard. The renewal of QPME Labels was introduced in 2013 to extend the validity of the Labels.

The new portal provides a user-friendly online application portal to facilitate the application for QPME Labels and the renewal of Labels. Concerned companies can make applications in an easier and more convenient way by filling in E-forms. The online portal comprises a preliminary self-checking system for the company to check if their application is completed or not before submission. The portal also notifies the company with input reminders on any left-out session. It provides an easy-to-use application alternative that helps eliminate careless mistakes before submission.