EPD Launching Online Noise Control Practices for Liquor Licensed Establishments

Good Practices on the Control of Noise from Liquor Licensed Establishment

A practical guide has been published by EPD for potential liquor licensees to seek early acoustical expert’s opinions in

  • selecting proper licensed premises location,
  • identifying any noise impact to nearby residents and
  • providing mitigation solution before making their applications to the Liquor Licensing Board.

The booklet, designed by ANewR, aims to provide good reference for existing liquor licensees who may not be aware of the noise concerns or does not have sufficient noise control knowledge. Architects, interior designers, building services engineers or other relevant professional parties may also use it as a checklist to ensure that proper mitigation measures have been taken to mitigate potential and existing noise problem at the licensed premises. The main contents are illustrated by schematic diagrams for easy understanding.

Potential noise sources arising from liquor licensed premises that may affect nearby residents include noise from musical activities, ventilation and pumping noise, construction, decoration and renovation noise and noise from patrons entering and leaving the premises and noise from patrons having social interaction activities at public place outside the premises. Those types of noise are all regulated under the NCO.

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