ANewR Launches a New AEDT Service for Aircraft Noise Assessment

ANewR launches a new AEDT service for aircraft noise assessment. The FAA or also known as Federal Aviation Agency upgraded the INM to AEDT also known as Aviation Environmental Design Tool in May 2015. In addition to this, the future assessment needs to be assessed using AEDT. ANewR is considered as one of the first environmental consultants providing this service in Hong Kong.

Apart from this, AEDT is a well known software system that has the ability dynamically model the overall aircraft performance in time and space to easily produce noise, emissions and fuel burn. The Full flight analyses are possible for the study sizes that range from single flight in an airport to common scenarios at global, national and regional levels. AEDT is presently used by United States government to mull over the interdependencies involving emissions, noise and aircraft fuel burn.
From FAA’s INM or also known as Integrated Noise Model to Aviation Environmental Design Tool, the ANewR acoustic consulting team is proficient in state-of-the-art computer software systems as well as GIS or also known as Geographical Information Systems to dynamically simulate both the spatial and temporal aircraft performance when consuming fuels, producing emissions and noise. Be it a single flight or any larger scale scenarios, ANewR is capable to use AEDT to undertake full flight gate-to-gate analyses as well as to study the relationship among aircraft-related fuel consumptions, noise and emissions.

For those people who are in search for one-stop shop to offer professional solutions and services, ANewR is the best company to consider. Some of their offered solutions and services include sound visualization by Acoustic Camera, noise performance verification with the use of field measurements, automatic noise monitoring system and computer simulation with the use of AEDT. The monitoring specialists at ANewR possess unparalleled experience and knowledge to carry professional measurements from attaining baseline noise levels to the validation of the modeling outcomes.

ANewR has acoustic camera that can be used in studying the location of sound sources and acoustic properties of aircraft frame and interior cabin by simply providing visual images of sound. ANewR is recognized as one of the aircraft noise consultant in Hong Kong completing the computer modeling for almost 360,000 flight paths. Furthermore, ANewR has been supporting the aviation sectors in China for almost a decade.

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