ANewR IT-supporting BSAP questionnaire


Formulation of Biodiversity Strategy & Action Plan (BSAP) is embarked by the Environment Bureau and the Agriculture, Fishers and Conservation Department under the Convention on Biological Diversity. The Convention on Biological Diversity was extended to Hong Kong on May 9, 2011 which demonstrates Hong Kong’s commitment to join the international community in protecting the natural environment. Although Hong Kong is not a party to the Convention per se, the Government is actively preparing a city-level BSAP for Hong Kong in accordance with the principles and guidelines set out in the Convention and the strategic plan endorsed by the conference of Parties, taking into account local needs and priorities and with a view to commencing its implementation in 2015. The background and details can be found in the official BSAP website i.e.

For this territory-wide exercise, the impact assessment (terrestrial biodiversity) focus group under the Terrestrial Impact Assessment Focus Group (TBWG), which is being led by Henry Leung and Dr. Ng Cho Nam are currently examining the impact assessment practices to address the biodiversity of Hong Kong in a more focused manner for further consideration by the TBWG. Since Q4 2013, practitioners from the NGOs, consultant, project proponents and authority together with the tertiary institute had participated in this focus group. An online questionnaire has been developed with the aim to compile an evaluation of impacts by different stakeholders and their opinions on important measures for addressing major impacts.

Queries – For any queries, please send email to (questionnaire operation matters) (biodiversity matters).