ANewR Environmental Reviews the Retrofitting of Noise Barriers on Tuen Mun Road during both Design and Construction Phases

In response to EPD’s respective PDS for direct noise mitigation measures on Tuen Mun Road (Town Centre and Fu Tei Sections), preliminary studies were carried out by HyD in 2006 and 2009 respectively confirming the feasibility of the projects. The respective TFS were subsequently approved in 2010 for Town Centre Section and 2007 for Fu Tei Section.

Our Roles
ANewR was the environmental consultant under the D&C stage of the Project. Environmental review was carried out to evaluate the potential environmental impacts due to the Project and assess the number of sensitive receivers to be protected/ benefitted by the proposed retrofitted noise barriers/ enclosures.

Key Values to Client
Under the environmental review exercise, ANewR help the Client refine the barrier/ enclosure design so as to maximise the noise benefits to the residences nearby the heavily trafficked Tuen Mun Road.